Mesothelioma Treatment

Much there are choice to of Mesothelioma treatment. In the Mesothelioma treatment there are a lot of choice treatment which be able applying is to patient, among them;surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and other there are; fhotodynamic therapy, gene therapy, and imunotherapy, but which often to treatment is surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy.Mesothelioma treatment be hanging on the patient age, health general patient, and stage of mesothelioma cancer.
-Surgery treatment is forms appointment tissue and layers which is evected of cancer, with the purpose of not spreader disease with far more, after of surgery usually continued of treatment with radiation therapy or chemotherapy, with the purpose kill of the cancer cells, which as left over in order that not flared uf again
-Radiation therapy is treatment with make use of light x high energy.Radiation therapy in use agree with condition patient and type of cancer, Radiation therapy can in use as independent treatment or in use togather surgery and chemotherapy.
-Chemotherapy is treatment with make use of  madicins with a view to kill of the cancer cells, but this treatment posses side efect that is can kill to normaly cells, and can to the surface; queasy, vomit, appetite for food loss, and can increase sensitivity for infection,  

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